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MarineSaberCamo's News

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - 1 month ago

My super awesome P.C is busted since March 24 and I'm almost done with my XXX art T_T

Study HARD to achieve something, Traveling to see what's new and anything

This final chance on July, I'm working my flash animate stick people.

I'll post test soon

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - May 1st, 2021

I've feeling amazing more than before

Man! I don't like my old pc tower when my test work suddenly close!

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - April 27th, 2021

My pc tower still hadn't fix yet and thanks to museum, My mind is feeling focus and very imagine than before. I will get back to business on this weekend and I'm sorry for hadn't post for a while.

I was very busy with my schedule to Monday to Friday

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - March 8th, 2021

I decide to become a nswf artist, but no bizarre nswf-images

and I swear not to lewd the characters you know.

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - February 19th, 2021

First : Made by Sibling with only one review before I take over they account

posting few news, reviewing and favorite! Lame-ass username and decided to create a account for myself


My very first animation is finger-made stick-people app made from parents mobile apple Ipad before I delete all of my videos, because no liked and one insulting comment. I don't remember my username :|

Second : learning how to used flash 8, but boring action animations.

Downloading a sprite, a Madness Combat Sprites. gaining little bit popular and improve my skill. Get comments attacked by a asshole who like to harassed me, no anyhow how to block them for posting hate-review to my flash fan made animations. I was very upset with little bit a tear, had no hope to block them and leave this account to avoid to get attacked for another account

Third : Back in business to entertain everyone with my madness flash animation

In 2019 However, I don't even remember my purpose of making those animations. seen a lot of pointless plot and boring action. deleted one of my old flash videos after someone convincing me not to worrying about it, I have no idea of why did I made this

Feeling very frustrating of this account, Baffled and can't get this out of my mind! I finally decided to leave this account and create a new account, once more!

Let's just forget my older NG accounts and happy to moved on

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - January 30th, 2021

goddamn it!

Easily distracted by family members! oh well, as least I had great time watching old flash video in 2000s

I'll figure it out to made something without distractions

I hate staying home everyday since covid-19 >:(

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - January 9th, 2021

It's so hard to find perfection editing video

the Frame isn't look that fine smooth

and no goddamn sounds of the mp4 videos

I decided to postpone and work for my future flash video

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - December 31st, 2020

Time to get back to work

I've had 6 pizzas for dinner

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - December 25th, 2020

Hooray :I

Posted by MarineSaberCamo - November 30th, 2020

That mean I can't use flash 8 macromedia?

6 ARTS! I think i'm ready to make animate stick people. but if is not will use the flash 8, then how would I use animation for?